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Instagram Hashtag Generator: +89% Higher Reach In A Month

When you get started with Instagram marketing, the primary thing you need is genuine followers interested in your products and services. You can buy Instagram ads to win the target audience, but I know one free and tested tool. Instagram hashtag generator by Toolzu has recently exploded my Insta-bakery with:

  • posts reach boost by 89%
  • +34-50 new followers per day;
  • X3 impressions growths. 

What is the secret? I can’t keep you waiting anymore – I simply found niche hashtags tied with my area, discovered the best proportion of hashtags, and put them in the post caption consistently. 

Disclaimer: don’t expect instant effect from hashtags. You should test the combinations to figure out the best working hashtags for your audience. And yes, broad hashtags as #like4like won’t boost the organic post reach, leave them for the past.

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